View Full Version : [ubuntu] Media Center PC + ATI + TV

June 13th, 2009, 06:06 PM
This is winded but please bear with me -

I recently replaced Windows XP with Ubuntu 8.10 on my little media center PC. All is mostly well. I originally used XP for one reason - touch screen support. The MCPC used a small Lilliput touch screen connected to the VGA out and window's onscreen keyboard as interface between user and playback. Nice for about a year but XP becomes tedious and the Lilliput is too small (see picture) and I really like Ubuntu.

When a small LCD monitor became available, away with XP and the Lilliput. The MCPC mainboard is AMD Opteron with ATI Express 200 onboard video. On the XP setup the Lilliput connected to VGA and the TV connected to DVI. When VLC or Media Player Classic played a video file or DVD that stream appeared full screen on the TV (the VGA display showed the Ubuntu desktop and the video playback). When not playing video, the TV display was simply the color of the XP desktop - no menus, icons, bars etc.

The new set up connects the LCD monitor to VGA and TV to DVI as before plus small keyboard and mouse. I installed fglxr proprietary driver and have dual configuration with one slight difference. The Ubuntu desktop is cloned on the TV. I would like to make this go away and see only the video stream on the TV. Is there a modification I can make to my xorg.conf file that could make this happen?