View Full Version : [kde] KDE 4.2 questions.

June 13th, 2009, 02:38 PM
I have installed kubuntu 9.04. I am trying to decide to whenther to switch to switch from PCLOS 2009/kde 3.5 to kubuntu (or ubuntu with KDE installed). Could someone help with some information, or point me to where I can get it?

I have set my mouse cursor theme to KDE, and that's the settings that shows in System Settings but the Oxygen white is the one used. And Oxygen White is listed twice.

Edit: I have now downloaded Shere Kahn mouse theme, and it seems to have survived a reboot. As plus, I like it much bettr than the KDE black cursor theme, but thre still seems to be problems with setting the cursor theme to the KDE black one.

KDE 4.2 on this machine seems slower than Gnome/Compiz did. Menus seem to drop slower, and windows seem to open slower. I don't have a very modern machine (1.5 gig P4, 1.5 gig ram, nvidia fx 5200 256 meg ram) but it seemed to handle compiz OK.

Edit: I have installed kubuntu on another machine with similar specs. The first install was an upgrade. I am not sure what wsa going on, but 4.2.2 seems fairly snappy now.

Is there a window list applet for the panel?

Will mouse button actions will be ported over to KDE 4?

Will different wallpapers for different desktop be implemented again?

And, a biggie, can I easily get rid of 4.2 and install 3.5?

Is the coloring/theming of the panels separate from the desktop theme?

Any and all help appreciated.