View Full Version : [ubuntu] Any suggestions for partition sizes and login/password settings.

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June 13th, 2009, 01:27 PM
Hi all,

I tried Ubuntu a couple of years ago and gave up because I couldnít get some hardware to work. Iím having another go with the latest version of Ubuntu and things appear a lot more promising this time. However, can I ask a couple of noob-get going questions:-

First, I have two physical hard drives in my machine, 160GB & 250GB, I also have an external USB drive of 500GB. I have enough free capacity to be able to move my existing data around so that I can import it into Ubuntu as needed. What I would ask isÖ are there any recommendations on if I should create partitions on my drive(s) for the Ubuntu installation and if so sizes/types (NTFS/FAT)?. I would like to retain a partition for WinXP, at least until I have Ubuntu running and stable.

Second, I am sure there is an answer in the forums/docs, but Iíve searched to no availÖ can anyone tell me where to read up on logins and passwords for Ubuntu?. My test installation is asking me for my password to do just about everything. Some I can understand, like updating programs, modifying settings etc, but some are a little over the top, like access my USB drive, some docs etc. I canít seem to find out if/how I can change to password requirement settings.

Lastly (sorry for long post), I only ask this in the same thread in case it is related to my password queryÖ I have installed xsane in an attempt to get my scanner (CanonScan 3000) to work, unfortunately it does seem to find it as a device, so I tried clicking on the xsane help/troubleshooting tab. It just comes up saying that the docs are missing or I donít have administration privileges to view them. Iíve uninstalled and re-installed xsane with the same result. Is this something to do with my password settings or something else?

Again, sorry for the long post, but any help greatly appreciated, even pointing to the relevant docs.