View Full Version : [ubuntu] Yet another gmail notifier in Python...

June 11th, 2009, 03:17 PM

I was playing in Python and this idea of creating my own gmail notifier came to me. Yeah I know there are already a few such notifiers available already, but I created it for my own learning.

Go to this link: http://seemanta.net/myblog/?p=525

and find out how to install it.

Installation is super-easy. Just download the .tar.gz, and run the setup.py file. It would ask you your gmail id and password and then you need to logout of gnome and log back in to affect the changes.

Hope you like it. Here is a screenshot of how it looks:


P.S And btw, if you are an embedded hobbyist like me, feel free to explore my site at: http://seemanta.net ;-)