View Full Version : [ubuntu] Optimizations for the ps3.

June 9th, 2009, 03:36 PM
Today, I was thinking about how could I make my ps3's ubuntu install faster. Since I was planning to reinstall it due to certain issues, I thought I could experiment with source builds and the cell libraries. I was thinking of installing a server build of 9.04, installing cell-sdk and then compiling x and enlightment from source. I know I am being ambitious, but, since the summer weekends are here, I have a lot of free time.
The main goal for me is to make the whole thing faster. But, now I have 2 questions, will it actually BE faster and will I be able to compile xorg?
About the xorg, does the ps3 version of ubuntu use any nvidia drivers or mesa or something open-source ? And will the end result be usable as a daily distro ?

EDIT: And are there any source packages for everyday applications such as Firefox and Open Office ?