View Full Version : [ubuntu] Install Ubuntu in a virtual disk

June 9th, 2009, 10:02 AM
Hi folks,

i like to install different Linux versions to see how they perform and etc. Most of them have live cds available, that can be put on a USB thumb drive also; but they don't perform to their optimum potential this way.Installing them onto different drives is also not very convinient. I was wondering if we can install and boot Ubuntu( or any other Linux distro) to a raw harddisk image (something like hd image what Qemu or VirtualBox create)that we can save anywhere and use anytime by giving appropriate commands to grub console.
My requirement is something like this:

1) Install Ubuntu in a raw hd image,(probably extract the cd contents to the drive).
2)Through grub, boot the particular Linux version. It should show the hd image as its root device. All the changes done to that should go to the hd image.