View Full Version : Intilation issues for 9.04 netbook remix

June 7th, 2009, 09:22 PM
Today I had finally began installing 9.04 on my Dell mini 9 netbook. After a few weeks of reading up on why 9.04 is better I decided to muster up the courage and try the new version. What prompted me to do this was that my update manager didn't work that well in 8.04.

Anyway, Using a live usb to install 9.04 I set everything just as i was told: I first changed the boot order, then let the process continue, I fully got rid of 8.04 to make room for 9.04 and as it was finishing up the install it started up just fine, yet when I tried to check out certain things nothing would open; I'd click on the desktop file, and it would just act as if it were loading. The same thing happened when I tried to open my external hard drive.

My real problem occured when I opened firefox and tried to do a search. It froze in an endless load. I then tried to close it out and nothing happened. Soon after, every icon dissapeared from view and all that was left was the top task bar and the background.

To make a long story short, I shut down my computer and now it only starts with the Dell boot menu. I changed it to start with the hard drive but all i get is "MBR FA: _"

Whats the deal. and how can I fix this?