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June 7th, 2009, 04:28 AM
Hey everyone,
I just installed Ubuntu for the first time ever a few weeks ago and I'm still not very familiar with how it works. I've been having a few problems, the biggest one being I'm unable to turn on my wireless internet.

I'm running Jaunty Jackalope on a HP Pavilion dv6000, with built in wireless. There's a switch on the laptop itself that allows me to turn my wireless on/off manually with a light that indicates whether or not it's on, with an orange light for off and a blue light for off. Since installing ubuntu that light's remained off and I have been unable to turn my wireless on with the switch and have not found a way to do it through the computer.

All the other features of my HP Pavilion have continued to work after the switch from windows to ubuntu except for the wireless internet, any advice on turning it on would be much appreciated.

June 7th, 2009, 04:32 AM
This should answer your questions:


Dave :)

June 8th, 2009, 02:28 AM
thanks a lot, that fixed it :)