View Full Version : [ubuntu] How I Fixed my Intel Graphics Problems in Jaunty

June 6th, 2009, 07:44 AM
Hello everyone,

From what I have seen there seems to be a lot of trouble with the many people using intel integrated chipsets of one kind or another and Jaunty Jackalope 9.04. I am well aware of how frustrating this is (having been through it myself). My problems were mostly flash based whereas some are showing other graphical problems. I just wanted to put togather a list of things that I have tried that have worked for some, and what finally helped me. I had a hard time finding exactly what I needed so im hoping that this list will help steer people in a direction where they may find a solution. I did not author any of these posts. These are merely links to things I found helpful and I take no credit for any materials found hereafter.

First the things that worked for many but did not solve my problem completely:




Now this is what worked for me:


Also some may want to try reverting to older versions of flash if you are experiencing problems with it. I have heard that it works for some people.

Hopefully someone is helped with something on here. Now that I have it running right Jaunty is amazing. It just takes a little tewaking in some cases. I will update this as I do more research if I find something that may help someone.

Thanks again to everyone in all of the above posts for all the help!