View Full Version : [ubuntu] Enqueuing files in Audacious.

June 6th, 2009, 03:45 AM
How to enqueue files in audacious from nautilus? (similar to the winamp feature enqueue) This would be very useful.

June 6th, 2009, 04:15 AM
The simplest way would be to use nautilus actions (r. click on a file, folder or m3u.
There are 3 decent actions in audacious, all can be used on files and folders.

you could also create a userapp.desktop with a Exec= following the same idea as the nautilus actions. (same command without the %M ) For example a .desktop named 'Enqueue in aud' with an Exec= of audacious -e

Nautilus actions are a tiny bit easier to set up than userapp.desktops

nautilus actions for audacious and amarok

(aud in posts prev. to linked

Note: for some reason back then I was putting part of the command in the 'parameters', they can go into the command line as well, maybe better there. (see this screen for difference in "queue in aud"

For conditions use "both"

Nautilus actions require you to restart x (Ctrl+Alt+backspace) to set

Edit The 3 most useful commands for aud (descriptions in screen shot tooltips in linked thread

Load to Audacious

audacious -e -p

New in Audacious

audacious -E -p

Enqueue in Audacious

audacious -e