View Full Version : cruisecontrol.rb problems

June 4th, 2009, 05:18 PM
I've been given the task of setting up a continuous integration server for my company. Since we are using Ruby on Rails primarily for our project, and we use Subversion for version control. The best option out there for this seemed to be cruisecontrol.rb, but it hasn't been easy going. The download link on the website doesn't work and I had to spend a couple of hours searching for a valid location to do the download. The video on the site also doesn't launch, so I've had to use a low res copy on youtube to get an idea of how to set it up. Though I think I've followed the instructions in the documentation to the letter, I can't get it to work. There appears to be so support for this software, and the one forum I could find for cruisecontrol hasn't accepted my only post made three days ago.

Does anyone know if this is an abandoned project? Does anyone know how to set it up and can provide a little guidance?