View Full Version : [ubuntu] Koala works, but.....

June 4th, 2009, 04:08 PM
I built a new system with AMD64 Phenom4 and 2 SATA 500 drives.
My main reason for this machine is cinelerra video editing.
I want the swap file and most storage on raid 0 for speed.

I fought the raid installation for a couple of hours, and then found the Daily construct of Koala.
...since it was Raid ready, I installed it and it is great. File processing is what I wanted, but.....
cinelerra is not available for Koala yet.

I thought that perhaps after the Koala had set up the raid that the Jakalope might use it, but no.

what would be smarter, raiding the jakalope or sneaking cinelerra into the Koala?

If you have an opinion, I need more!
Please point me at something that tells me how.