View Full Version : [ubuntu] Slow performance on Jaunty with ATI card!

June 3rd, 2009, 05:57 PM
Hello all,

I have search a lot in the forum and found a lot of hits regarding slow performance of Jaunty with ATI Integrated graphics card.

I have tried a new install of Jaunty on my Lenovo W500 just to avoid any discrepancies and problems as posted in the forum. But the result is the same. It is very slow with dragging of a screen or minimize and maximize of that.
I don't have this problem with Ubuntu 8.10.

So my question is very simpel. Is someone aware how to solve the problem? Or just waiting until the graphic driver will be updated. I have btw tried to install the driver manually from the binary at ATI, see the following URL for this: http://wiki.cchtml.com/index.php/Ubuntu_Jaunty_Installation_Guide
But it doesn't help much. Still the performance is very low.

Hope somebody can help me further.

Thanks in advance.