View Full Version : [ubuntu] HELP with Kino and out of sync playback!!!

June 3rd, 2009, 06:05 AM
Hi there,

So I am trying to make some drumming videos where I film myself playing along to a backing track through headphones and then overlay the audio in the editing process.

I have managed to import one song using Kino capture as an AVI file. When I play it using Mplayer, VLC or Totem, it plays IN SYNC perfectly and is good quality.

When I play it with Kino, the audio is delayed about 2 seconds. If I change the display setting to Reduced Xvideo and turn frame dropping off, the problem is semi-solved but it looks terrible.

It's ridiculous, I tried opening up the .avi files that Kino made in Cinelerra, Pitivi and AviDemux and all of them said that it was the wrong file type, wasn't recognized. How useless is that?!

Now I have to return the camera to the hire store in a few hours and might not even have anything from it, what a waste of $70.00. All I want to do is overlay some audio and get it in sync with some video.... is that TOO hard?! At the moment I am trying to put what I have on a pen drive to take to our other house computer with Windows XP so I can try and edit them in movie maker... grr.