View Full Version : [ubuntu] Genius Pro Tablet installation

June 2nd, 2009, 06:16 AM
I am very new to ubuntu and I am not knowledgeable at all regarding the various commands and the syntax required to get things done.

Even with the detailed walk throughs I seem to mess things up, or I am unable to get a certain command to work.

I have been trying to get my tablet to work. I found a .deb for the wizard pen and ran it, it said it installed the drivers for it, but the tablet is still not working.

I loaded Gimp and saw the tablet show up as an available input device, I even added it to the list of devices gimp can use. The program seems to respond when I push down on the tablet with the pen, but nothing else - no movement, no context menu's etc.

Now I believe I have to config the tablet in X? but I have no idea just how to do it using 9.04. I would appreciate any and all help either openly or in pm's to get the tablet working.

I am also using a standard usb mouse, I just want the tablet for artwork.

Thanks in advance.