View Full Version : [ubuntu] Some Korean fonts are shown not their real bold but pseudo bold in gnome

June 1st, 2009, 03:13 AM
Some Korean fonts aren't shown their real bold but pseudo bold in gnome.

First, look at this font. It's Korean font, but it has English also.

It has two files ; regular one, and bold one(real bold)

In gnome font selector, there are two bolds for one font. Maybe the one is real bold, the other one is pseudo bold ; moreover, it don't show the real one properly!!(real bold is just shown as regular font..)

(Gnome font viewer shows both things well)

And there are some fonts like this one. (Yeah, Some fonts work properly, yet other fonts work like this one)

Are there anyguys can solve this problem? I'm going to wait for the answer..