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May 31st, 2009, 10:40 AM
As a Linux beginner I ran into the following problem:
I installed 9.04 on my HP laptop without problems and then started to slowly "flesh out" the system, while acquainting myself with the new environment. During that process I created a number of bookmarks in Firefox and a couple of text files with useful information on the desktop. So far so good, and all was working as expected. Then disaster struck. After going back for a moment to WinXP (dual boot on same PC) I can't get a working Ubuntu any more. As the problem is that the screen goes worse and worse during the startup I strongly suspect that the culprit is that before exiting Ubuntu I installed the ATI Control Center, but that is not the main worry, reinstalling and rebuilding is not that big a job. The real headache is: How can I recover the FF bookmarks and the text files on the desktop?
The status just now is that normal boot results in a frozen system with the screen full of multicolored lines but booting into recovery mode works ok. Likewise running Ubuntu from a CD works ok. However, in both the latter cases I don't know how to do anything that could either repair the main system or make it possible to access my valuable information. My Ubuntu 9.04 is installed on three dedicated partition on the hard disk, the other 6 partitions are dedicated to Windows.
All advise on what to do is appreciated!


June 3rd, 2009, 10:38 AM
Solution found!

After getting no response here I decided to bite the bullet and reinstall Ubuntu.
And, lo and behold, the problem solved itself!
The reinstallation retained my old desktop and Firefox showed up with my old bookmarks! The only loss was the few applications I so far had had time to install (Picasa, Skype and some others).
This is an excellent "hidden feature" of Ubuntu, a far cry from Windows7, which I'm evaluating in paralell with U. W7 certainly beats Ubuntu in looks but Ubuntu winns hands down in ease of installation and has far less need for fine tuning of the user interface. Considering that W7 can't even do an upgrade installation from WinXP, its most numerous predecessor, wheras Ubuntu now obviously is able to preserv user data from a previous installation, I'm starting to look at the argument that Windows is the more user friendly of the two OSs with new eyes!