View Full Version : Bangor LUG/LoCo get together

May 30th, 2009, 08:01 PM
This past Thursday, I met up with Benjamin Leach (http://www.hometowncomputer.net/) over at Starbuck's for an impromptu 2-person meetup. It was hard to arrange somewhat, as scheduling is always an issue when, as most of us do, have lives and work (and puppies! (http://claydoh.com/modules/extgallery/public-album.php?id=7)) to manage as well as our Linux Love :)

While not strictly a LoCo type of get together, he was running Ubuntu on his nice laptop and tablet PC (I tried not to drool) while my lowly P4 -M Compaq would not run due to a known hardware problem I neglected to account for :/ so I could not show off any KDE4 goodness.

I am hoping we can keep to a monthly schedule and attract some more Ubuntu/Linux users from the area. Hopefully June 28 at Starbuck's by the Bangor Mall at 6 pm will be the time of the next get-together, check out http://www.hometowncomputer.net for dates and times.

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