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May 29th, 2009, 01:04 PM
HELP! When i did a version upgrade of kubuntu via Adept, (to version 9.04) when i restarted my computer, all it was was text! Not even a logon screen! I couldn't install 9.04 when i first installed kubuntu because of permission issues. I did a version upgrade because there wasn't a "Wireless Networks" portion of KNetworkManager, and since i have a laptop, plugging it in every time just isn't practical. When i went to the "Configure Network" or "Network Settings" part of the K menu -> System, all it showed was my eth0. no wireless or wlan0 AT ALL. And yet when i went to installed drivers, it showed my WLAN card driver was installed! It works in Windows! Please help! First, do i need to uninstall and then reinstall kubuntu to go back to version 8.1? (i think thats what i had) Or is there some other way? Second, HOW THE HECK DO I CONNECT TO A WIRELESS AP?! Do i have to do some complicated Konsole mumbo-jumbo? I installed kubuntu via the installation disk in Windows Vista Premium. I want to use kubuntu b/c Vista is SLOW! HELP!!!!!

EDIT: Since I'm more calm now, let me say this: I'm probably just going to re-install kubuntu 8.04.2 with the Ethernet cable plugged in, and then if it doesn't install the necessary packages, UPDATE (not upgrade) to 8.10. Since 9.04 isn't working for me AT ALL, I'm not going to upgrade until October 2009 (when 8.04.2/8.10 stops being maintained). 9.04 is just too unstable right now; KDE4 is just too new.
Now, for some reason, when my friend here who works at a nuclear power plant as a software developer installed kubuntu, when he right-clicked the little KNetworkManager icon in the system tray, it did have a "Wireless Networks" section. But, before I "upgraded" 8.10 to 9.04 and ended up starting in - what I have dubbed "Konsole mode" - text mode, my KNetworkManager didn't "see" my network, or any other WLAN network for that matter. As I stated earlier, when I go to Driver/Hardware/Devices Manager, it does show my Wireless Network Adapter, but when I go to KNetworkManager, all it shows is eth0. So, if you can help me get out of "Konsole mode" and into normal 9.04, well, thanks much.
But, if nobody knows what the heck I'm talking about, then at least try to help me out with my wireless issue.
BTW, I have an Atheros 5007EG Wireless Network Adapter, and am a newb to Konsole commands and output and whatnot.

And does anybody know if there is a "tech-speak" dictionary for Firefox 3? I hate having to "Add to Dictionary".

Can you make a new thread be a high-priority one? Because nobody seems to be finding my thread, though on Techimo's threads i got an almost instant reply.

EDIT: Forget about helping me with 9.04; if anybody reads this, know that I have uninstalled kubuntu 9.04 and am going to reinstall 8.04.2 and update it. I'll let you know how that goes.

Well, I re-installed kubuntu 8.04.2 and updated it, and I found out what the problem is. KUBUNTU DOES NOT SUPPORT MY WIRELESS CARD DRIVER!!!!!!!!
Does this mean I have to get a USB wireless adapter? (i can't change/upgrade my current card b/c it's soldiered on.)
Or is there some way to make my current drivers work with kubuntu?

Thanks, SPARTAN-118

June 22nd, 2009, 04:10 AM
How do you close a thread? Can you even do that w/o being a moderator, even if the thread is yours? I'd very much like to close this thread, seeing how this is very old (information, at least-I long ago switched to Ubuntu, solving my issues with kubuntu).