View Full Version : [kubuntu] Kubuntu install corrupted Win7RC1 partition!

May 27th, 2009, 02:39 PM
Don't know if its Kubuntu specific for sure or not, but I had a fresh 1TB drive and installed Win7 RC1 32-bit and Win7 RC1 64-bit. Dual boot worked fine, but dumb windows setup a "boot menu" with choices of:

Windows 7
Windows 7

The first choice was the last installed, 64-bit.

Unfortunately installing Kubuntu 9.04 32-bit corrupted the 64-bit windows partiton. I could boot all three systems from the grub menu but 64-bit Win7 would boot but not allow anything to work as the drive it booted from ended up "inaccessible" Weird. Kubuntu and 32-bit Win7 worked fine. Win7 "repair" procedures were a waste of time. I had to reinstall Win7 64-bit and then reinstall grub. All seems fine now but I needed to delete the corrupted Win7 partition before I could recreate it and reinstall to it.

Be careful if you are setting up multi-boot on a system you care about -- backup first. Ultimately Win7 RC1 is a throwaway as it expires in Mar 2010, but I had spent a fair amount of time configuring it and installing some critical apps for testing which all had to be redone :(

I only tried the Kubuntu as people have said Kdnelive only works on Kubuntu, not Ubuntu. Seems they are correct, in my case. Unfortunately I hate KDE even more than I hate Windows 7, but I will probably live with it once I upgrade to a HD video camcorder.

Now that I've finally got Kdenlive to not crash, it does have potential and could meet most of my needs if it works as well on two hour projects as it did on 5 minute ones. Sony Movie Studio 9 which I got "free after rebate" (~$80 if you just buy it)is very good on Win7 RC1 (both 32-bit and 64-bit, although it is a 32-bit program).

I'd prefer to stick with Win2000 for when I must have Windows, but Movie Studio 7 was the last that installed on W2K :(.


Edit: I plan to install 64-bit Ubuntu 9.04 after I back up the 64-bit Win7 (it appears to come with tools to do so, if they actually work is another issue) so I'll follow up if anything gets corrupted on this install to the last free space on this drive.

Question: Does anyone know of any current production motherboard that still come with Windows 2000 drivers? Having not been able to find any I may need to go to Window7 when this one finally dies :( Thank God Win7RC1 is way better than Vista, I've always hated XP compared to W2K too.