View Full Version : [ubuntu] Speech Recognition Vox Forge

May 27th, 2009, 07:06 AM
Hi Everyone! I have a question about speech recognition for Ubuntu. I have always been wanting to enable speech recognition for my computer. I imagine a speech recognition system where i can say things to launch programs and even navigate the internet pretty easily.
I think a program also should be fully customizable, up to the point where one could put in custom commands and even record their own voice for the acoustic model. Like i could set a custom command, when I say: "Open Hamburger." A picture of a hamburger opens up, or whatever i set.

Anyway, i have been looking through the available software. I found the "voice control" applet that you can add to the tool bar, but i can really get it to do anything but open evolution. Also there isn't a very good tutorial. I found the Vox Forge webpage and plan to record my voice for their acoustic model pretty soon.

Has anyone out there set up any system from Vox Forge on thier system? How does it work? Does anyone have any info on other systems?

I would really like to help in anyway possible to make this software work well and available on Ubuntu. lets see what we can do!