View Full Version : [ubuntu] Can't install Ubuntu on HP desktop computer.

May 27th, 2009, 06:35 AM
I forget the model number and its not in front of me currently. I don't think its needed, but in case someone needs it.

Basically, they had windows XP, and I deleted it, made 3 partitions, one for XP, one for Linux, and one for storage. XP loaded fine. When I put in the Ubuntu CD, it gets to 59% with the 8.10 Ubuntu, and an error pops up. It says that the cd/dvd drive could be bad, the hard drive could be bad, the cd could have been burned too fast, or the computer needs to be placed in a cool place. Yes, for some reason that was one of the suggestions. (I felt the hard drive, it was barely warm, even after installing XP.)

I also have the 9.04 Ubuntu, which I tried as well. This one is weird because the entire loading screen is different. All solid colors, like a bios screen. Has all the same options though. But, when I get to the partition part, pick the partition, and the cd starts loading, theres an error in some random part of the CD. (I checked it before I put it in and it all came back positive)

I hit continue, it says another error. I hit continue(Which is the only option.), and it goes back to the first error. An infinte loop of 2 errors.

I can run the 8.10 cd off the live CD just fine. I can't run the 9.04 because there isn't a live cd option.

I have used the 8.10 to load my computer and my aunts. I haven't used the 9.04 yet, so it may be a bad ISO. But the 8.10 does work, but just not on this computer. I spent a couple hours trying to figure it out and finally gave up.

Anyone have a suggestion?

(The hd is 160 gb western digital. 1.5gb ram. Pentium 4, 3.2ghz, no graphics or sound, all onboard. And a dvd reader, cd burner combo.)