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May 27th, 2009, 04:49 AM

I'm looking for help here, i'm not claiming that i created this scripts, they were downloaded from this same forum from other users who made them, or that i know any python/bash/conky programing, i'm just a guy (who is starting into collage studying computation), and happens to know a tiny little bit of general knowledge regarding this subjects and tried to modify some scripts to make them work to his needs.

The Problem

I downloaded Mirav2 theme extra ".conkyrc" and i decided to make the "Now Playing" part of the conky work with banshee instead of mpd. After some reading i noticed that things like (if_running banshee-1) or even (dbus equivalent to it) don't prevent conky starting banshee unintentionally. I saw this guy idea about a wrapper to the dbus script itself but the program was intended to output a single line of info.

To make a long story short i made individual wrappers for each queary, modified the (banshee.getPosition) and (banshee.getLength) parts to make them show a formated time (00:00), and downloaded another script that could output a current time bar. Now i know that maybe i could join the bar script and the main script into one but i haven't done it yet. The problem really is that everything worked just fine, i managed to make every single part of the Mirav2 conky script (status, artist, title, album, current time, length and bar) with banshee put my resources sky rocket to almost 50% - 60% while running banshee, and 30% - 50% while banshee is off. I have an Intel Core 2 Duo 2.4GHz and running the MPD version of that conky i get 3% with no music and 5% with music and sonata (even with compiz). I think i get an idea of what is causing that much bloat on the pc, all those scripts and python running each second querying dbus.

The Question

Is this the final point? Is there a way reduce the resource hog part and still work? Like i said, i learned the basics of python yesterday while trying to modify the script, so i probably created some unnecessary lines of code here and there (not that they were many).

I would be really appreciated if someone with better experience (and knowledge) could take a look into what i have, and make some suggestions.

The Scripts

All scripts look in ~/Desktop for the things they need (like the wrappers), so i made a tar and i recommend to extract it all in the ~/Desktop, unless you want to change the path in each script.

The wrappers are all named "bs_query" (like bs_artist bs_bar bs_album)

The two main supporting scripts are the "bs_conky" (for everything but the bar) and "bs_conky2" for the bar alone.

conkyrc_mpd is the modified .conkyrc

Download (http://www.mediafire.com/?xgijozbjl1t)