View Full Version : [ubuntu] Help! Ubuntu slowely becomes a pain in the ***. (memory issue)

May 26th, 2009, 11:45 PM
Hi there,

I use Ubuntu 9.04 (gnome) mainly for development purpose. I have to following appications running when this problem occurs.

Aptana Studio build:
Firefox 3.0.10
Apache Webserver (only local access)
MySQL Databaseserver (only local access)

After every few hours of development my system is getting slow, i mean REALLY slow.. Most of the time it ends up in a hard-reset (the system takes to long to respond to any actions).

I think it's a problem with the memory. For example; i just started my pc and i have the following memory usage statistics; 40% in use by programs, 55% cache (i have 2 Gbyte of RAM and only Aptana and Firefox running). After few hours of work it will go up to 80% in use by programs and 15% cache.

After inspecting the memory statistics i did see XORG and JAVA are a consuming loads of memory. (+/- 200Mb each after fresh startup). Xorg can go to 1Gb of memory usage after few hours of work. I also noticed Firebug (firefox plugin) makes the system crash instantly when visiting gmail.com.

Ubuntu slowely becomes a pain in the ***, instead of a more productive development tool.. Anybody can help? What can i do to solve this? How can i provide more information?

Thanks in advance

p.s. excuse me for me english, it's not my native language.