View Full Version : [all variants] click (sound) on keypress

May 25th, 2009, 02:36 PM

I did some typist-style work a few days ago and really missed
a way to get audible feedback every time I pressed a key
(so I do not have to look up from my paper source to check if
I successfully copied every letter to the computer).

There is an old unanswered thread about the same issue here:

I found some older docs that describe a "click on keypress" feature
in older versions of Gnome but that seems to have been gone.

Any idea how to enable a click sound on keypress while you are
alone in a room and nobody gets angry by turning it on ?-)


March 5th, 2011, 06:33 PM
I am looking for this as well; but so that my mythtv box (controlled using a ps3 remote) makes a noise instantly (and hopefully at the same time as playing media) when a button is pressed on the remote; like virgin media tivo does.