View Full Version : [all variants] alternate cd install hangs on "install _Ubuntu" selection

May 23rd, 2009, 11:59 PM
thats right, the cd loads, then when i select install ubuntu/xubuntu, etc... it loads onto a blank screen... i think it turns the monitor off, but im not even sure what causes this.

i've tried a dozen kernel param combos, to no avail...

im really not sure what to do here, ill try the live cd tomorow, but i'd really like the alternate one to work.
i got it to work before(back in the day ~7.10 i think), but im not sure what kernel param i passed, if any...
whatever the case, the cd works fine in my main machine, its only in the old hp ze2410 that it hangs like that(the lappy has a radeom 200M or whatnot btw).

any help will be direly appreciated.