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May 21st, 2009, 07:00 PM
I know this general topic has been visited before, but I've yet to see this particular aspect addressed. As we all know, Ubuntu installs a massive amount of fonts regardless of our chosen language. (kinda retarded if you ask me) And there is no font manager. (even MORE retarded)

I have no use for any font that is not geared toward the English language. (except maybe Greek for math purposes)

I do not visit foreign language web pages, and so a page full of boxes or incorrect Latin characters to me is the same thing. I can't read it anyway, so I don't care what it looks like. (I have RARELY encountered a foreign page in my surfing so I don't perceive this to be an issue for me)

MOST IMPORTANT** None - not one of the presumably foreign fonts renders in actual foreign script. Every last one of them renders Latin characters and so I have a pile of fonts that are all of some basic sans serif variety and all look the same. (which makes them even MORE useless to have them on my system.) (also, is this a bug or is something broken? Why are they not rendering properly in their foreign script?)

How do I uninstall ONLY the foreign language fonts, without uninstalling or breaking my ubunutu-desktop meta package?

If that isn't possible, what issues will I have without that meta package and how do I cope?

WHERE exactly are these foreign language fonts, I can't find them in synaptic, or in fonts:///?

Additionally, synaptic tells me that the 100dpi and 75dpi fonts are not BOTH necessary. I'd like to get rid of the 75dpi, but the system wants to uninstall all kinds of other stuff with it. Any ideas?

Thanks in advance.

Update - Resolved:

I decided to try Synaptic once more. And for some strange reason, this time, I was able to select and uninstall all the foreign language fonts with out any other packages being affected. Either something was screwy the first time, or the Synaptic Fairy paid me a visit. However, I found a bunch more useful fonts to download and am now sifting through those to see which I want to keep installed permanently and which I want to archive for special projects.