View Full Version : [ubuntu] wifi, sound & video problem HPdv7 1100

May 21st, 2009, 08:18 AM

I installed a few days ago the new ubuntu 9.04. I had ubuntu before but on my new laptop the previous install cd wouldnt work so i was happy with 9.04. The system itself works but i have a few problems i cant fix. I have tried to find solutions on this forum but i really couldnt find them.

My first problem is the WIFI problem. I can see al the networks and i can try to connect. But when i give my pasword for the network, ubuntu makes a totally new pasword instead. So when my pasword is 1234567899 ans i apply changes, when i look again ubuntu made 1e3d0d5n2m6u8nu89j4n or something like that. I really cant figure out why so help is appreciated.

Second problem is a music and video problem. When i start a video the video plays a few seconds and than gets stuck. When i play music the music goes ulstraslow so you dont hear a thing. I downloaded the ubuntu restricted package. I used the wiki troubleshoot and i installed new nvidia drivers. All didnt work out. So now i am desperate and i need help. Someone who ahs a clue whats wrong?

My computer:

soundcard= High definition audio
videocard geforce 9600 GT
HP DV 7 100
2.4 ghz
4 gb memory