View Full Version : [ubuntu] expandable headlines in text editor?

May 19th, 2009, 02:34 PM

Does anyone know if it exists a text editor where I can create headlines that can expand, in a similar way as folders expand in a file browser when files are viewed as a list.

Im looking for a way to keep a tidy overview of topics with easy access to the content. So, for text, not code.

any suggestions are very welcome.


May 19th, 2009, 04:11 PM
org-mode in emacs does this, sort of.

When you edit a file in org-mode, lines beginning with * A Title, ** A Subtitle, *** And So On are understood to be headlines that you can move to and from, as well as hide (with the contents) and show. org-mode also has plenty of other features that you may or may not find useful.

However, it's emacs... It's a wonderful editor but it does have a learning curve.

May 20th, 2009, 06:55 PM
thanks - emacs can off course also make me dinner if i want it to with meta-x make-me-dinner ;)

It would be a nice feature of openoffice or notepad though.