View Full Version : UNR USB diskspace problem

Kahr Di
May 17th, 2009, 09:01 PM
Hi Everyone,

Not sure if this question has been answered before, but if it has, I couldn't find the answer.

Anyway, I have a very nice netbook with Linpus installed, but since Ubuntu is so great, I decided to give UNR a try with the live option (also, my netbook, a BenQ U101, is not on the supported list). UNR runs fine, but I also want to use VirtualBox. This installed fine, until I tried creating a virtual drive image, as I got a message that my USB drive was out of diskspace. Since the 1 Gb UNR image was the only thing installed and the USB drive is 4 Gb, I figured something went wrong.

Is there any way to edit the UNR .img file (like simply adding a 2 Gb .vdi file) so I can use the other 3 Gb of diskspace on the USB drive?

Alternatively, would dumping 4 Gb of nonsense data on the drive, imaging it and replacing it with the UNR image contents work, or would that destroy its ability to boot?

Thanks for the help