View Full Version : [ubuntu] Lockup problem with 9.04 install

May 17th, 2009, 08:55 PM
As a nubi there were several install problems to work through and now 9.04 boots fine with grub offering a menu to select Ubuntu or XP. The XP system was installed at the same time as Ubuntu a few days ago.

Ironically, the XP system hasn't crashed yet while the Ubuntu install crashes pretty much every session. It rarely survives to be shut down normally. (I tried posting this problem on the absolute beginner forum but no one responds, hoping for better luck here.)

The crash mode is complete system lockup, at least from the user interface point of view. The mouse pointer can be moved around the screen but nothing responds and no apparant activity takes place. This seems to happen most rapidly if the system is left unattended working on a task, like coding a video. It seems to lock up eventually, however, even in continuous use. A few hours of playing FreeCiv, for example will end in a lockup and loss of recent gametime.

I am reluctant to work on anything productive. Losing a few minutes of gametime is frustrating but harmless. Losing something you have worked on for hours is infuriating and when it keeps happening, productivity is impossible.