View Full Version : [ubuntu] Installation freez and flashing cursor

May 16th, 2009, 05:02 PM
Hi I've been having problems installing ubuntu. The computer stops and all you get is a flashing cursor and the computer dose not respond. This happen when you use ether option on the cd (try or install). So I created a bootable USB version that I tested on another machine which worked fine. This gets a little further but still stops. When I use the help option to boot it stops at the point "[ 2.036303] Freeing initrd memory: 7566k freed" this happens with help boot and the OEM boot.

I'm going to try a lighter version but I have a nasty suspicion that its a hardware failure as a windows XP install crashed as well but got much further in the process.

Ubuntu version 9.04
PC: Dell Inspiron 5150
P4 1.60 GHz
512 RAM
60 GB HD

Cheers for any help