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May 15th, 2009, 03:32 PM
Hello Ubuntu Cymru, why not tell us a little bit about yourselves? Here we can perhaps learn a little more about our fellow members. I'll start :o!

Alright many of you will know me as Chris, ianto (from IRC) or even just Swift. I am from the deepest darkest Southern valleys of Wales and I am still in college for those who are interested in the IRL me. I have been in Ubuntu Cymru from the start as one of the founding members and have really tried pushing our little LoCo more out into the Ubuntu and indeed Welsh communities out there on the net and IRL. So who am I? I don't know how to answer that one but maybe my wiki will shed some light on it: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Chris or then again perhaps not :). If you want to add anything to my bio feel free but lets see who/what we have lurking around in here then! :)

May 16th, 2009, 06:28 PM
Hi all

I'm Tony Pursell. You will find all my links on launchpad


There is not a lot on my Wiki page, so I'll fill you in a bit. I'm at the other end of the age range to Chris, approaching my retirement. I worked in IT for almost 35 years, mostly in software development and support, until a few years ago when I was made redundant (for the third time!). Then I spent five years as an administrative Civil Servant in the Pension Service before finally retiring. So IT is just a hobby for me now. I enjoy answering questions on Launchpad, when I have time.

I have had Ubuntu dual booted on my desktop since Warty. I've Ubuntu on my two EEEPCs and on an Acer Aspire Revo attached to my TV.

In my IT career I started working with Unix back in 1983. I've worked a lot with databases (Informix, Ingres, MS SQL Server and Access) using a lot of different Unixes and Microsoft platforms. My first Linux was Slackware (CLI only on a 486).


May 24th, 2009, 07:46 PM
Hi, my names Kevin (kn100 from IRC)

I live in the South of Wales, and i am 16, still in secondary education. I am attempting to learn Python and yeah.

May 26th, 2009, 11:18 AM
Hey, I'm Aled, or Skyrail most other places online. I reside in North Wales although will probably move out nearer the end of this year to go to uni. At this very moment in time I don't have a proper 'physical' instllation of linux available to me, I do however have numerous virtual machines I test on. I don't know if I'll get active on these here forums as I don't use ubuntu daily, I can help with the little bits I do know, but I do lean towards Debian and more recently ArchLinux. Either way I'll do what I can :)

June 18th, 2009, 04:24 PM
I'm Mark, I'm from Pontypool, I run a cafe and enjoy my computer and internet in my spare time. My first computer was an Atari, which I used to complete my BTEC Business Studies. At the time Windows/DOS wasn't a lot better than STOS but we all know which OS won that particular battle. Of course when I bought my first pc it came with Windows. However, whenever I could, I've always used OpenSource software as the arguments for and against were decisive for me. OpenOffice reduced my dependance on Windows as did Mozilla. Then I heard tell of an OS you could run off a CD!! the first iteration of UBUNTU I obtained was DapperDrake, but it didn't run brilliantly on my Dell. So several months,maybe years went by, increasingly becoming more frustrated by the bloatware that was taking up so much of my hard drive. I then discovered a BIOS update for my Dell allowed me to use 7.10 Gutsy Gibbon, I was impressed. So now I'm on a new laptop with Jaunty installed and the only OS on there. Not everything worked out of the box, but I'm getting there. So I'm here now and if I can help anyone I will but for the mo' I'm a newbie but at least I'm a 100% newbie! lol :P

June 18th, 2009, 06:12 PM
Hi Everyone

I'm Ralph, Nrrd on IRC and djnrrd as a login most other places.

I've been using Ubuntu since Breezy Badger (Or possibly Warty Warthog, I forget) and went 100% Linux then (after mucking about with Red Hat, Gentoo and BSDs on dual boots)

I code a bit in PHP, and can fake it in Python (Aiming to learn more) and I'm already in the process of getting my first bug included in Ubuntu.

August 15th, 2009, 02:29 AM
Hi, My name's Mark, I'm from Bangor in North Wales and apart from spending 4 years in England i've lived in Wales all my life, and will be a student at Bangor University.

I'm fairly new to ubuntu, but my main aim is to help with translating, as I am a very good linguist, as well as helping with accessibility, as i have a congenital nystagmus, and cerebral palsy.

I'm either welshdragon or markgajones on irc, find me on #ubuntu-cym.

September 30th, 2009, 10:50 PM
Hello all. My name is Ben Tullis.

I've been a Linux user for about ten years and happily, I now work with it full time. Technically, most of my professional involvement is with Debian, but this Macbook Pro is running Ubuntu and as long as it's based on debs, it's fine with me.

My employer is Tiger Computing (http://tiger-computing.co.uk), who are based very near Monmouth and personally, I live in Abergavenny.

At the moment I'm learning Welsh and loving it, having moved here from England about three months ago.

Steve Smith
December 19th, 2009, 01:04 AM
Hi all.

I live in Torfaen in the valleys, and did biology at Cardiff Uni.
I've picked at learning Welsh from time to time, but never seem to
manage to keep at it!

Soon I'll be abandoning Windows completely, when I upgrade my desktop.
I'll also have it on a VPS soon. I'm into ethical issues, natural
history and film photography (I've got darkroom equipment at home).
Oh, and computers :). I tweet rubbish at


December 20th, 2009, 12:36 AM
Rydw i newydd ymuno heno a fy enw yw Arfon ac rwy'n byw ger Caernarfon. I Have just joined tonight and my name is Arfon and I live near Caernarfon. I have an Acer Aspire One Netbook with the Ubuntu Remix which I have just loaded after having a lot of trouble with Limpus . I find Ubuntu to work much better on my netbook. Mae gen i Ubuntu Cymraeg ar y rhwydlyfr (os mai dyna yr enw am Netbook!!)

December 20th, 2009, 02:30 AM
Erm, Padi yw fy enw i, ac dwi'n meddwl fy mod i wedi ymuno a'r grwp, (ond heb edrych ar y wefan ers tipyn). Wedi bod yn ddefnyddio Karmic ers dwy mis, ond wedi cael probelmmau yn ddiweddar efo'r 'driver' cerdyn graffeg ATi - er mi wnaeth o weithio'n wych am y ddwyfis! (Nawr dwi yn ol ar 9.04) Dechreuais ef Ubuntu yn ddifrifol tua blwyddyn yn ol, ond yn dal i ddysgu. Rwy'n ddefnyddio'r gweithfan Cymraeg wrth gwrs, er weithiau mae hyn yn golygu crafu fy mhen tr'a ceisio dyfalu'r iaith technegol Cymraeg!!

Rwy'n byw yng Nghaerdydd ac yn ddefnyddio Ubuntu pob dydd.

Erm, I'm Padi, andi think I joind the group, (but haven't visited the webpage for a while). I've been using Karmic for about two months,but had problems lately with the driver for the ATi graphics card - although it worked wonderfully for the two months! (Now I'm back on 9.04) I started with Ubuntu about a year ago, but still learning. I use the Welsh language desktop of course, though at times this means spending time scratching my head until I work out what the technical Welsh language means!!

I live in Cardiff and use Ubuntu every day.

December 28th, 2009, 07:32 PM

I'm Ciaran, probably the youngest on the team. I'm currently in Year 8 of Ysgol Gyfyn Gymraeg Bryn Tawe in Swansea, studying the whole curriculum, because I have to. If I had a choice, I would choose to study Welsh, Geography, Design Tech (Electronics), Music and most definitely ICT. I do code, mainly in PHP and HTML, and use Ubuntu amongst other distributions (obviously based on Debian) to test out my scripts. I run a fully-featured weblog and write websites for others for the fun of it.

That's me for you, and it's all your getting for now! :P

Bedwyr Humphreys
February 3rd, 2010, 04:47 PM
Hi all,

I bumped into the irc channel on freenode a couple of days ago so I thought i'd introduce myself here.

I'm in my final year of a software engineering degree at Glamorgan, mostly run Ubuntu server for Java development stuff - glassfish, apache, subversion repo etc. I've done some welsh translation for open source stuff in the past, something i should pick up again - it's a time thing, ;)


February 8th, 2010, 12:36 PM

I'm from Cwmbran but living in Risca now. I'm doing Teacher Training at the moment. I'm thinking of starting a class teaching Linux - evening class-type thing. Great to know that there is local people on the Ubuntu Forums. I've turned away slightly from Ubuntu itself recently - I've been using OpenSUSE 11.2 as my dependable/everyday system- but I keep coming back to the Ubuntu Forums because I've been also using Crunchbang Linux and Mint (and Debian).

In terms of the class I mentioned, I'm wondering if you guys/gals could be someone I could "use" as an advisor if I have a query, say?? Or perhaps you know of local people who want to learn how to "do " linux but have no way of learning in a class situation?? Or any ideas?? I could start a class, really, anywhere in the Pontypool/Cwmbran/Risca/Newport/Caerphilly areas..

I've been using Linux for less than a year now. I've put in many hours though.. My theme seems to be getting older machines to run (hence Crunchbang usage). Here's an example story for you..

I went to pick my kids up for the weekend..

They have an old PC in the hallway, in the way. They say no-one wants it. And apparently, I can have it. Next week it was in the back garden with the side off - rain covering the cover on the floor next to the tower. I take it back home with me. The PC I'm typing this on is that one. Now that word has got back (through my son, bless him!) that I've got it working (with Windows 2000 already on there) they now want it back.... The only reason they were chucking it out was because they didn't know the password on 2000!! (safe mode,change etc) It just goes to show how much wastage there is in terms of PCs etc.

Also, I need to buy my own desktop, any ideas? There's a shop near me but they're selling refurbs for around 200. Think I can get them cheaper.. Maybe freeads?? I'll try that.

Got to buy my own because every time someone gives me a PC they don't want, they want it back once I've "Linuxed" it!

PS Tell me more about this Ubuntu Cymru thing then!!!

PPS Tony, you might know my mate who works in the Pension Centre!!

March 18th, 2010, 12:48 AM

There was a lot of discussion about doing Linux classes a while back on the ubuntu-uk mailing list. There is a wiki page at



PS You really shoul be using Ubuntu!
PPS Who is your mate at the Pension Centre?


July 19th, 2010, 05:22 PM
hello my name is sam and im an ubuntuolic.

i have been using on an off for three years. 10.04 is the best i have ever used.

i come from cardiff. not usually on IRC but if u wanna MSN me let me know.

would love to know some other welsh people out there who actually use ubuntu.

oh i cant code my way out of a wet paper bag. i just use ubuntu. i dont play with it.

(allergic to caps)

July 19th, 2010, 07:42 PM
I'm Richard - I hope you don't mind, I'm not resident in Wales but I'm a frequent visitor to Cardiff (for work) and Sketty (Swansea) to see family.

July 28th, 2010, 10:53 AM
Hi All,
I'm Chris (yes another one :p), 29, and I live in Llanelli, work in Bridgend. I have been involved in support for the best part of 10years. My current role is as a Unix Administrator and have a broad experience in most flavours of *nix. I also run a small business from home and have a couple of 'servers' running U10.04 - they started on 8.04 - I am slowly converting my family and friends to GNU/Linux with a strong lean to Ubuntu (and its derivatives ). I have done a little bit of everything in computing and like to explain my solutions to no techies a Star Trek way ("...like putting too much air into a balloon").
I also build sites in HTML/PHP/MySQL when I can get a free 5 mins.
I might not know the answer but I know where to find it.

September 5th, 2010, 09:05 PM

Despite the log in name I am actually Alan. Down in sunny (ha ha - hmmm!) Pembrokeshire. I run CentOS on my local network server (10 clients) but have just installed Lucid Linx on an old machine to have a looka t Ubuntu. It is very odd, not knowing where everything is. (xorg.conf for one thing).

I am hoping that I can start a *nix group in my local village hall. Got to do some advertising first though. Not a lot of folks around here seem to know much about Linux. The poor devils are brainwashed by that four eyed American and his cronies; and of course the fact that no one in Government or our Assembly seems to pay much attention to open source IT, that is, apart from lipservice.

April 30th, 2012, 07:33 PM
Hi all im Lisa. How are you all? Do people still read this?
Anyway im from newport/cwmbran area and have just installed ubuntu 12.04
was just lookking around to see how many british/welsh people are using ubuntu forums.

May 2nd, 2012, 05:56 PM
was just lookking around to see how many british/welsh people are using ubuntu forums.

You'll find quite a few here from the UK but not so many that are very specific about exactly where they are.

Anyway I'm just across the bridge from you and a regular visitor to Newport and Cardiff in the summer months. ):P

May 2nd, 2012, 06:17 PM
Hi, I got just over the bridge quite often too. Only to Cribs causway and places like that. Yea you are pretty close.:lolflag: