View Full Version : Question about SD cards for my camera

May 14th, 2009, 09:30 PM
I just bought a Canon Powershot 590 Digital Camera.
Now I want to buy a new SD memory card, because the one supplied is extremely small.
A local shop has a 4Gbyte cat4 SD Card at a ridiculously low price (10$).
Cat 4 should mean 4MB/ps READ speed, but will a cat 4 card be good enough for recording video?

640x480 @ 20fps with 11khz mono sound mjpeg.

I saw a recording demo that was 10.3 Mbyte 8 sec.
That's just above 1,25 Mbyte per second, but the image didn't move much, the only moving object was a passing train, maybe recordings with more movement require higher write speeds?

Does anyone have experience with recording on digital cameras, and hoe fast does the memory need to be?