View Full Version : [ubuntu] Crash of graphic module for UBUNTU

May 14th, 2009, 02:00 PM

Please I need assistance on the following. I have removed inadvertantly all graphic drivers/modules (or erased parameters on the xorg.conf file) on my UBuntu (9.04) by using a removal software/widget provided in a synaptic ati package. I did this while trying to upgrage my graphic card from an old ATI model to HD 4850.

As a result, I now get systematically a very ugly mosaic-like and totally unusable screen , at end of each boot. this happens also with my orginial graphic card.

For info when I type Aticonfig via command line I get the following message 'No supported component available'

Is there a specific set of commands should I running (via prompt) in order to reinstall the basic graphic management module of Ubuntu (which i suspect has been obliterated), in order to boot normally again;

I do not want to reinstall the complete unbuntu suite again. I have made miserables attempts to reinstall xorg server, and ati drivers without results.

Thanks in advance for your support and expertise