View Full Version : I installed Corel WordPerfect 12

May 13th, 2009, 06:59 PM
I have installed Corel WordPerfect as an altenative to OpenOffice. Am about to compare which one is a gr8 competitor for MS Office, exept that I run Corel WordPerfect is ran using Wine and its not free, wo I didnt purchase it anyway.

May 13th, 2009, 08:28 PM
Wow I didn't even know it still existed.

May 13th, 2009, 08:51 PM
They had a linux version once AFAIK. They even had their own (commercial) distro, "Corel Linux".

May 14th, 2009, 01:31 AM
My dad and mom use that on their computer (version 11) and I use OOo. I would try to convert my mom to OOo, but I don't think she would like anything new installed on her computer. I would have installed Linux on it by now if I thought she might have gone with it. Instead, she might complain that "it looks better, change it back."