View Full Version : [ubuntu] new installation - problem with saving information and settings across several apps

May 13th, 2009, 01:23 AM
Hi everyone

I recently installed Ubuntu 9.04 on a friend's computer. It is experiencing some rather strange behavior and if anyone would be kind enough to shed some light on it I would be most grateful.

The following issues are occuring;

In Evolution, it is impossible to save a task, calendar item, or memo.
In Skype, the sound settings are not being saved.
In the Nvidia X-Server settings, the twinview configuration is unable to be saved. This means that upon every reboot the dual monitor needs to be manually set up again.
In Rhythmbox, the library is not saving - meaning that all songs need to be imported each time the program is loaded.

The install was done on the Alternate Install CD and the only option that differed from a standard install is that the hard drive has been encrypted.

Thank you in anticipation.