View Full Version : [ubuntu] All video functions now happening slowly

May 12th, 2009, 01:19 PM
May 12, 2009

In the past few days something has happened to my Ubuntu 64 9.04 system. All video functions have become much slower. H264 and AVI clips play at about 5fps instead of the 25-30fps the same clips ran at last week. The only changes I've made are the recommended updates through Update Manager.

The startup and resize of individual windows seems to be working the same though.

I dont even know how to start searching for the cause here since the video playback is affected for any of several players/editors I'm using.

I have 2 systems I'm working with:

Plays/edits video well-
One is Ubuntu 8.10 32bit,
AMD 50550e, ATI AIW 2006 4Gb ram

'Plays/edits video poorly
(but used to do better than the other - last week)
Ubuntu 9.04 64bit
AMD 7750BE @ 3.0Ghz, ATI HD 4550, 4Gb ram

I did try looking at system monitor while playing video. On the 8.10 system, playing a clip with Totem seems to load both CPUs evenly but the 9.04 64 bit version seems to load either CPU but not both simultaneouusly.

Where do I go from here?