View Full Version : [ubuntu] Asus P5QL motherboard rejects Ubuntu

May 12th, 2009, 11:54 AM
The Asus P5QL motherboard seems to struggle horribly with Ubuntu.

I tried to install Jaunty on it and got a Kernel Panic. Same with Intrepid Ibex and Hardy Heron.

By altering the Storage Management setting in BIOS from IDE to AHCI I was able to get Intrepid 64bit to boot, but it isn't ideal.

Booting is uncertain - sometimes I get a timeout: "Gave up waiting for the root device". Even when it boots successfully it hangs for two minutes. When installed it won't detect USB ports.

I'm clearly not alone

The P5Q also seems to have issues:

Don't buy P45 chipset (especially Asus P5Q)
It is COMPLETELY incompatible with Ubuntu. Nothing on this mobo (Asus P5Q) works with Ubuntu. sata problem, marvell controller problem, atheros problem...

Stay away!!!

P.S. F you asus!

Jaunty won't boot at all on the P5QL - Kernel Panic, even with AHCI, which worries me as I'd like to keep upgrading the OS as the years roll by.

Anyone have any thoughts on this - other Asus P5QL users...motherboard experts...poor sods who've learned from experience...?

Q: Should I persist, and try to solve each problem as it arises (including a boot process which fails half the time), should I ask Asus for a solution, or should I replace the motherboard?


(NB, I have the Asus P5QL, not the Pro or E or any other varient; and have an Intel Core 2 Duo E8500 (2x3.16ghz), 4GB ram, Nvidia GeForce 9500GT graphics card).