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May 10th, 2009, 03:02 PM
Hi All

I'm new to ubuntu... and I'm loving it... I think! I've recently downloaded Jaunty Jakalope 9.0.4. and installed it on a seperate HD. All quite easy and fabulous. I've set the GRUB (just love that name) to boot to XP as my primary OS.

My network connection is through an iBurst desktop modem - connected by ethernet.

After installing ubuntu I did the logical thing and added a DSL connection and everything worked!! So simple I could not believe it. Somewhere along the line I also selected PPPoE. I didn't have to load any drivers or software and I didn't have to use any "sudo" greek to get things started - it just worked. I then used Synaptic App. Manager and added a number of apps - Dolphin file manager and a music app.

All was good... and I was wallowing in ubuntu heaven... loving the clean desktop and tight implementation of menus, apps, multi-tasking music, web, video, etc! I was sold....

My reverie lasted a few days... then all of a sudden - and I mean all of a sudden, the DSL connection disappeared from the Network Manager. I proceeded to repeat the process I had followed previously. I also searched the net and found out I needed to sudo this and sudo that and load drivers and tarballs.... ok I thought... I did what I could. Anyhoo - all to no avail!

I scratched around and I have found a list of DSL connections that I "created" in a folder /etc/networkmanager/system-connections ... there they all are.

All my attempts to restore my sanity and my enjoyment of ubuntu where for all to see... but in the Network Manager NO DSL connections are listed, and any that I add are simply ignored... albeit that these "connections" end up in the /etc/networkmanager/system-connections folder.

I've tried to delete these different entries in this folder... and apparently I don't have the right permissions or something. Surely it's my computer I'll delete these files if I want to! Not very ubuntu.

So as things stand, I can now only use ubuntu to play music, and browse photos... well XP does all that just fine. I'm disappointed, frustrated and annoyed. I want to use ubuntu - I want to access the internet, download apps and play with Linux - such a nice name for an Operating System!

If there are any gurus out there who can point me in the right direction and give me some guidance on how to restore the "ubuntu" I'd be most grateful!

Thank You from the ubuntu newbie!