View Full Version : [ubuntu] Little LTSP 5 Server and DHCP Problem

May 10th, 2009, 09:42 AM
i set up a Edubuntu 8.10 LtspServer version 5.1.29 and I have 10 Clients DellGX110 with 3c905c Card (Earlier running on Windows).
Nothig works. When i boot the Clients most only one will boot up to the Login Screen. The Other get a Error "nbd0: Attempted send on closed socket" then i have to reboot hard.
The first switched on client mostly boots to the login screen.

I asked in the ltsp irc channel they told me i have to flash the register on the clients network cards. No idea how to do this, smile.

The second error is, that when i use the DHCP Server on the LTSP Server only the first client gets the DHCPs IP Lease the next clients dont get anything from the dhcp. For this arror i use another dhcp Server in the Network its the Mirror of the LTSP Server, and its works erverytime 100%.
On The server i tested two different network card with the same error.
I think its a network card problem, perhaps i have to flash the nvram of the clients cards.

So if you can help, please feel free to answer. Thanks