View Full Version : KDE 3 for lifers? (Or: Holding KDE 3 packages forever)

May 9th, 2009, 12:48 PM
One of things I wondered from numerous KDE 3 vs 4 discussions is whether anyone has committed to various workarounds to stay with KDE 3, while otherwise continuing to upgrade in other aspects?

This thread is not meant to be a KDE 3 v 4 discussion itself, we have plenty of that.

Just for fun, I have a partition where I installed KDE 3 from Debian Testing, before upgrading to Sid (which itself no longer has KDE 3 as an option). I have placed holds on the KDE 3 packages, so they'll never be removed or upgraded to KDE 4. Everything else follows Sid as usual though. Personally I expect at some point, everything else would of changed so much that it'll no longer function (like KDE 2 nowadays..), but this is just for fun for me, and really at that point, everyone would by then agreed that KDE 4 is better (just as no one now says KDE 2 is better than 3).

It is probably harder to do with Ubuntu (though I've heard there is a KDE 3 version for 9.04, so here's more chance for the future!), with it's non rolling nature, and use of things like Update manager to upgrade, but share your thoughts, any distro.

May 9th, 2009, 02:59 PM
I absolutely loved KDE3. It was light, had tons of options and ran very well on my computers.

Then I tried KDE4. I just didn`t like it. I`ll be following it with interest in the time to come, but for now I just use Gnome: Using a KDE3 system waiting for KDE4 is just like waiting for something bad to happen to your computer. :)

Not trying to start a flamewar or anything... :-\"