View Full Version : [ubuntu] UNR on eee 1000h installation issue

May 9th, 2009, 12:01 AM
I'm new to Ubuntu but my installation of 9.04 on my asus eee went well. I was able to use it perfectly last night, however today i rebooted and now i cannot access anything but my desktop.

All i have done so far was do a complete installation.
Convert the desktop to the old ubuntu desktop
installed flash player

Like i said.. now today i can not access anything but my desktop, not sure what i can really do to see the action bar to open programs/ see time/ ect.

Can anyone help me? Sorry if i'm not being clear enough. I'm trying to learn linux as i go.

EDIT: i do not no how to mark this as fixed. i learnred how to bring up the command line and ran some commands that i found someone posted about this bug. not sure what it really did.. i think disabled gnome? but all in all its working for now..