View Full Version : [ubuntu] Ubuntu skips step 6 during install

May 8th, 2009, 10:49 PM
Trying to install Ubuntu 9.04. Very first time straying from Windows, but my computer is about to go out the window its frustrating me so much. Anyways..... Doing a manual install off the CD I burned (already checked for errors and were none) and I chose the partion that I want, but after I enter user name and password in step 5, it skips to step 7, completely skipping step 6. There is then a message saying the migration assistant will import stuff from Windows Vista (which I DONT want it to do) If I try to go back, it still skips step 6. If I try to install I get an error about 2 minutes in and it wont continue with the install.

Please help!!!! Im looking forward to trying out Ubuntu.