View Full Version : [ubuntu] recommend laptop < $800?

May 8th, 2009, 08:32 PM
Hi, my 3 year old Thinkpad T43 is rapidly becoming unusable and I'm looking for a replacement (for desktop replacement).

i need to spend about 800-900 (no more--probably less).

I'll be running jaunty.

I'm wondering about support for builtin webcams and microphone.

I'm guessing that Linux support on laptops has improved considerably since I last went hunting for one. Are there significant differences among vendors for Ubuntu support these days?

What kinds of HW features are lagging behind in OS support these days?

What family of processor should I be looking for in that price range?

Also, do any laptop vendors have lower prices for Ubuntu? Last time I checked, they did not.

I have 4 GIGs on my Vista 64 desktop. Is there any reason I could be happy with less than that on my laptop?

Finally, I'm trying to avoid dual boot. Do people have many problems installing vista 64 on virtualbox?

May 8th, 2009, 08:39 PM
you only need to dual boot, if you need a windows program hella bad.. im a musician, and i need my music software, so i dual boot.. but i only use xp for music.. thats it..

ANY computer with a dual-core, 2 gb ram or more, big drive, would be fine.. they all come with 3d gfx cards now, built in wireless, dvd burner, etc etc etc are ALL standard..

I recommend any hp or gateway.... acers are good cheap laptops.. my girl got her acer with 2 gb, dual core 2.0, 180gb hd, widescreen, WLAN card, nvidia gfx card, lightscribe dvd burner.. 450 out the door..

i recommend buying your gear online from this site.. my business has had a distributor account through them, and we get all out hardware from them...


tigerdirect.com has great stuff too, but I find newegg to be cheaper..