View Full Version : [ubuntu] laptop keyboard gui intermittently not responding

May 8th, 2009, 03:20 PM
I have a Gateway MA7 that I've recently updated to 9.04 and is fully up to date with patches. Both with 9.04 and 8.10, I have experienced problems with the keyboard intermittently not responding. I need to press the key maybe a dozen times or more over the course of 20 seconds before it types the key onto the screen. This seems to be the case for all programs (gedit, firfox, password entry, etc...) When I open a terminal window, however, the keyboard entry is normal even while not responding in other applications.

I believe this is a problem with X. I disabled Compiz effects but it that did not resolve the issue. The graphics chip is an Intel 945GM.

Any help or suggestions are appreciated. Thanks.