View Full Version : [ubuntu] Live CD fails to boot after install

May 8th, 2009, 07:02 AM
Just upgraded my laptop hard drive and used LiveCd of Ubuntu 9.04 to partition it up with GParted and then installed Ubuntu. Gparted worked nicely but then as I have an old laptop I got an error 18 from Grub on trying to boot (i.e. boot files too far down disk for BIOS to recognise). After that I was unable to get Ubunutu to boot from the live CD - kept ending up in a shell environment but half the commands (e.g fstab, mount) didn't seem to work. Used a Debian net install disk to repartition drive as uses a very simplified interface. After that was able to get LiveCD to boot once more as I needed to adjust the partitions again but before I completed the install I rebooted and now LiveCD won't boot again so I can install properly.

LiveCD shouldn't be dependent on my hard drive contents and yet it appears to be. How do I stop it behaving like this?