View Full Version : [ubuntu] Eee PC 901 keyboard shortcuts, one key not working

May 7th, 2009, 12:22 PM
First of all, Ubuntu 9.04 works just great on my Eee.

Only thing is that one of the four "Special Keys" is not recognized.
I've configured the other three keys without a hassle using System -> Preferences -> Keyboard Shortcuts.
The leftmost key is now configured to lock the screen, the action itself is defined as "XF86ScreenSaver", the two keys on the right are configured to take screenshots and are defined as "XF86Launch2" and "XF86Launch3".
But i can't configure the second key from the left.
If i press it in the config dialog nothing happens.

How can i get this last key to run ?
I mean, three out of four is not bad, but i want those 100% ;)