View Full Version : [ubuntu] I need to MacGyver install 9.04 on an OpenSuse laptop.... MacGyvers needed! Help!

May 7th, 2009, 03:34 AM
Ok MacGyver, here's your tools:

1. One Vista Laptop, good wireless internet connection (cannot be reformatted)
2. One OpenSuse Laptop, can't connect to the web (no wireless card support) THIS IS THE LAPTOP THAT I NEED TO INSTALL UBUNTU ON
3. One working flash drive, 8 gigs, i can transfer files between the laptops using this flash drive. I also have no problem reformatting the flash drive if necessary.

1. I need to install Ubuntu on my OpenSuse box.
2. I have no ethernet cable
3. I have no cds


May 7th, 2009, 06:56 AM
Does the laptop you're trying to install to support USB booting (assuming it doesn't have a CD ROM)? If so, just use unetbootin to get the 9.04 image on a flash drive, boot it up, and then install as usual.