View Full Version : [ubuntu] After installing ubuntu cant boot into windows or ubuntu

May 6th, 2009, 06:43 PM
I had 3 partitions in windows, c: d: (Shared, 20g) and e:, in the ubuntu installer, when it asked where to install, there was sda1 with windows, sda2 (9g half the size of d:) and sdb1 with windows and sdb2 (9g too) and like 100g of free space, witch was incorrect because i didnt had that free space. i selected manual install, and installed ubuntu in sda2 (the 9g partition). There where no errors during installation, then it rebooted and it showed me a menu to boot to windows or to wubi wich i had installed before, but no sign of grub previusly, when i selected windows it showed the windows logo and the progress bar for a sec, and then rebooted. Now im with a live cd, and i can see the windows partition c: with everything intact, and the partition with ubuntu installed too.But from the places bar it shows two times the XP folder, containing the same things, i dont know what it means. Please help.